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Best Casino Sign Up Bonuses & Welcome Offers 2024: The Latest List

Looking for online casinos with free welcome bonuses? You likely have come across different casinos advertising their welcome bonuses. They often include catchy phrases such as “get 100% bonus when you sign up” or get “X amount of cash on your first deposit”. These sign up offers, also known as welcome bonuses or registration bonuses, encourage you to open an online casino account and start playing right away.


Unfortunately, not all sign up bonuses are worth the hype. Some come with stiff, hidden rules while others are fakes. Here, you can learn more about the best casino welcome bonuses, the biggest online casino bonuses and the red flags to watch out for.


Before we break down the details for you here’s a table that lists some of the top-rated free casino bonuses on sign up available out there currently. We have reviewed and compared Singapore online casinos based on multiple factors such as the credibility of the casino, amount, turnover, and the limits involved.

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Best Online Casino Singapore Welcome Bonus 2024

Check out our overview of best Singapore Online Casino welcome bonuses below so you can figure out which ones you like best.

Top 15 Casinos

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100% Up to SGD 300

Turnover: x25

Min Deposit: 30

288% Up to SGD 2,880

Turnover: x35

Min Deposit: 50

288% Up to SGD 288

Turnover: x28

Min Deposit: 100

150% Up to SGD 1,500

Turnover: x35

Min Deposit: 50

200% Up to SGD 500

Turnover: x22

Min Deposit: 50

100% Up to SGD 111

Turnover: x18

Min Deposit: 111

200% Up to SGD 500

Turnover: x22

Min Deposit: 50

188% Up to SGD 588

Turnover: x20

Min Deposit: 30

150% Up to SGD 500

Turnover: x18

Min Deposit: 25

100% Up to SGD 688

Turnover: x38

Min Deposit: 50

100% Up to SGD 308

Turnover: x25

Min Deposit: 30

100% Up to SGD 288

Turnover: x25

Min Deposit: 30

250% Up to SGD 250

Turnover: x35

Min Deposit: 50

100% Up to SGD 100

Turnover: x4

Min Deposit: 50

200% Up to SGD 377

Turnover: x20

Min Deposit: 30

What is A Casino Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus or a sign up bonus is simply that – a bonus that’s given to you as a way of welcoming you onboard your preferred casino. You’ll receive a free casino bonus on sign up. One of the reasons why these free online casino bonuses are worth grabbing is that they provide you with extra funds to play with. This can be a great way to try out new games without having to sink in more cash from your pocket. You may check here for more information on popular games in Singapore.

And as you can imagine, welcome bonuses provide you with a generous bankroll to work with – and this, in turn, can lead to greater chances of winning.

That said, it is important to always remember that as attractive as they are, casino welcome offers and free online casino bonuses come with their fair share of terms and conditions. These terms may include wagering requirements, minimum deposit requirements, restrictions to certain types of games, and so forth.

Why You Should Use a Casino Welcome/Sign Up Bonus

Generally speaking, the more the cash you have inside your casino wallet the more the games you can explore and the greater the fun. As such, you should always take advantage of welcome bonuses whenever possible because that provides you with an easy way to experience more fun on the cheap. But that’s not all. Online casino free registration bonus bonuses have a long list of benefits including:

  •  Welcome bonuses can help you recoup any funds lost through bad forex rates and high transaction fees.
  • These promotional offers are an incredible way to stretch your dollars.
  • By providing you with more chances to play, the discounts also provide you with a brilliant way to rack up loyalty points.

The Most Popular Types of Online Casino Sign Up Bonuses

There are several different types of online casino free registration bonuses offered by casinos. But in general, the following three categories are the main ones you’re likely to deal with.

Free First Bet

This is a promotional offer given by online casinos to new players on the first bet you place with them. As you can imagine, this is a cool way to test-drive the casino’s systems without burning real cash. It’s also a good way to familiarize yourself with the gaming house’s interface so you don’t end up making costly rookie mistakes. 


Above all, a free first bet bonus is like a blank cheque – you can really use it to reel in a big win if you’re good at what you do.

Cash Rebate

Let’s say you have been unlucky to experience a streak of losses – cash rebates are what you need to recoup a percentage of your net losses. A cash rebate is a fantastic way to take risks without necessarily fully draining your account. As you know, the greater the risks, the greater the rewards.

The only thing you need to keep in mind about cash rebates is that you only get the free credit following a streak of losses. That said, they are still fantastic because they reward you as you get to learn through your mistakes.

Birthday Rewards

From free spins to bonuses and deep discounts, good casinos can give all kinds of perks to ensure your special day is full of gifts. Normally, the casinos know your date of birth based on the information you provide them with when signing up. 


Using this data, the systems are then able to generate good deals for you as a way to build a special bond with you – and also as a way to acknowledge your special moments.


Birthday rewards may also be used by casinos as a way to encourage you to keep playing and exploring new thrills even as you turn a year older.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Casino Welcome Offers

There is no doubt, welcome bonuses can be a good way to embark on a winning streak at your favorite online casino. However, these free online casino bonuses are not always alike. Here are the factors to consider when choosing them:

Gaming Limits of the Bonus

It’s always best if the bonus given applies to your favorite games. However, in some cases, the bonuses given might be limited to only a handful of games. So, it’s always wise to check which games are eligible for play with the bonus funds before committing your money.

Bonus Amount

The more, the merrier. Always go for the online casinos with free welcome bonus amounts providing a good balance between the amount deposited and the amount rewarded.

Wagering Requirements

This is usually the elephant in the room. A stiff wagering requirement could have you play for eons before you’re allowed to withdraw your winnings. Generally, it’s advisable to go for an online casino with free welcome bonuses whose wagering requirements you’re comfortable with.


Yup, you read that right. Online casino free registration bonuses don’t last forever. So, you’ll want to go for something whose time limits and deadlines are reasonable – so you get to make the most of the opportunity.

How to Find the Best Online Casino First Deposit Bonus

Since the main focus of casino first deposit bonuses is to help you have a soft landing on your favorite free bonus casino online, it’s always advisable to go for one with the most reasonable conditions possible.

Of course, you’re always better off shooting for the heftiest casino first deposit bonus available. A generous bonus amount will enable you to enjoy more rounds of free gameplay. This, in turn, provides you with more chances of winning.

Wagering requirements are also extremely important to consider. A great wagering requirement is one that is 15X or lower.

Lastly, it is imperative to choose a trustworthy free bonus online casino. Look for registration bonus casinos with a history of fair play as well as good customer reviews.


Finding the right online casino with free welcome bonus deals can be tough. But with knowledge on your side, you can now confidently go ahead to choose a deal that’s not only attractive but also sustainable for you. 


Remember, even the most attractive and best online casino sign up bonuses of them all comes with its fair share of terms and conditions. Always be sure to peruse through these (terms) to ensure that the deal aligns perfectly with your preferences.