RTP in Online Casino

How Does RTP (Return to Player) Work in Online Casinos?

If you are new to online casinos then you must have come across the term RTP or Return To Player and have been wondering what it means. Learning about RTP will allow you to make informed decisions while you are planning the games.

A Guide To RTP

RTP stands for Return to Player percentage. It means the rewards a player can expect to win from online slots. It is calculated either in a percentage or a ratio of a reward that a player gets after they win a slot. It calculates the chances of winning a particular online slot based on the previous slot wins. Using RTP you can measure the probability and give a player the house advantage once they are aware of which slots to visit. Since gambling involves risks, taking calculated risks is very important.

Identifying The Casino Bonus Games

For a beginner, the best option shall be to read the reviews of the games that you are wanting to play and gather perspective from experienced players. Also, get to know about the RTP percentage details. You can also know more by playing free trials too.

How RTP Work in Online Casinos

You can make some calculations and know about the RTP of any particular casino. Suppose you are playing a popular game that has an RTP of 95 percent. Then, for every bet of $1 that you place, you will get a return of $0.95. Generally, RTP represents the house edge of the game. Suppose the house edge is 5 percent then, the RTP shall be lesser than 100 percent. If this return had been more, it would make the casino lose money.

RTP is calculated over a gigantic sum on the betting rounds and so you will not lose exactly 5 percent of your money when you play a game that has 95 percent RTP. It is very hard to calculate the RTP even if you are playing a long game. You can get the true RTP of a slot only by the end of it.

Generally, for every individual slot player, there is always a possibility of winning more and losing less than the RTP. Any game that has 98 percent RTP than 95 percent RTP slots, you have a chance to win more amounts. 

The Normal RTP For Slots

In most slots, you will find an RTP between 92 percent to 97 percent. You can also find some slots which are either a little higher or lower than this too. It is not the casino but the game developer who decides the RTP. When it is too high the casino shall not earn a profit, if it is too low then it shall not give a good experience to the players. So, RTP is always decided from a balanced perspective. 

A slot machine that offers frequent bonus features along with lower volatility and RTP is likely to attract a larger number of players compared to a game that offers a higher RTP but significantly lower volatility. 

How To Find the Slot RTP

Many casinos make information about RTP slots freely available. You will see an I button on the slot page. When you click it the RTP shall be displayed to you. You will also see other statuses such as the bonus features and bet limits on the game. In case you do not find this button then you can find RTP either on the playing table of the game or in the settings menu.

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