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8 Singapore Online Casinos Where You Can Bet on TFGaming Esports

Singapore has been the home to one of the best online casinos that you can find anywhere. It offers a multitude of games to its members with great winning amounts. One of the best factors about online casinos in Singapore is that they provide a high-quality online environment and games that give the feeling of a real casino.


Many online casinos in Singapore even set up live esports streaming sessions for their members too, to give them a real-time experience. Indeed, all these factors have made the online casinos of Singapore not only popular amongst its members but also worldwide too. In addition to these Singapore online casinos have been the place for some of the best online esports betting provided by TFGaming.

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About TFGaming Provider

TFGaming has been one of the most popular and highly in-demand aspects of online casinos in Singapore. TFGaming got first introduced in 2017 to online casinos in Singapore. The TFGaming provider has both technical and trading teams who are highly experienced and knowledgeable about online casino games. They are committed to creating a next-generation esports betting platform. Their technical team analyzes and studies the preferences of the players and the types of games that excite them.


The primary objective of TFGaming providers has always been to develop an attractive and unique esports product. They look forward to combining their esports products with the best gaming experience for all. They wish to bring mainstream esports events and esports betting to different countries.

The Objectives of TFGaming Provider Are:

  • To bring fast settlement and the best e-sports odds
  • Create market choices with champion and parlay handicap betting
  • Creating risk management with an experienced e-sports trading team
  • Build the best esports product experience
  • Make the games compatible with different devices, pcs, tablets, and mobile phones
  • Creating a more stable and fast system to increase the process of betting.

The Advantages of The Products Are:

  • Best esports experience, product, and great picture
  • Seamless IFrame and quick docking
  • Supporting multiple currencies and languages
  • B2B customer services
  • Stabilized system with detailed analysis of reports
  • Multiple choices for Roulette and the longest live handicapped betting services
  • Multiple market selections from in-play and pre-match markets
  • Champions and parlay betting
  • Game certification meeting the GLI International Standards for Certification
  • Creating a fair and trustworthy system
  • Stabilizing the profit earnings

Where Can I Bet on Esports with TFGaming Provider

There are 8 highly popular online casinos where you can bet on esports supported by the TFGaming provider. The list below gives further details about them.

  • BK8 – Refer-a-friend bonus up to SGD 800
  • 12PLAY –  Esports daily cash rebate up to 1%
  • ECLBET – 100% welcome bonus
  • B9CASINO – Has protection program
  • GOD55 – Watch live esports and bet on
  • AW8 – Open their doors to players from different countries
  • YES8 – Various payment methods
  • PLAE8 – Multiple languages supported

BK8 – Refer-a-friend bonus up to SGD 800

BK8-Site Interface

One of Singapore’s most reputable internet casinos is BK8. It has a customer base consisting of millions of members. They offer their members a great variety of modern and highly engaging online casino games along with esports betting games supported by TFGaming providers too. TFGaming is the best sportsbook provider that covers all the minor and major esports events of the world.


In BK8 you will find a variety of massive multiplayer and popular esports games such as FIFA, CS:GO, Call of Duty, NBA2K, Fortnite, and many more. There is a variety of bonuses that you can apply to esports betting games. BK8 Casino has a refer-a-friend bonus for players if you share this platform to your friends or family. If you are able to invite anyone to join their casino, you earn an additional bonus of up to SGD 800.

12PLAY – Esports daily cash rebate up to 1%

12Play-Site Interface

When you are looking at the list of 8 of the best Singapore online casinos where you can bet on TFGaming esports then you cannot miss out on speaking about 12Play. This is surely another very trusted online casino in Singapore. They have high standards and practice a fair play policy. What is more in demand is their section for esports betting games, provided by TFGaming. 


Some of the top leagues and esports tournaments offered here are League Of Legends (LOL), Call Of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and many others. All the winning amounts are settled by the 12Play online casino following a strict fair policy. To take your esports betting to the next level, 12Play has an unlimited Daily Cash Rebate up to 1% for  Esports players. Remember to check the wagering requirements before claiming it.

ECLBET – 100% welcome bonus

ECLBET-Site Interface

ECLBET is another one of the best names for online casino games in Singapore and has been operating since 2017. They hold a high reputation and popularity in this industry for providing the best online casino games. Here too you will have the option of playing esports betting such as Game for Peace, Mobile Legends, and Overwatch, amongst other games. No matter if you are playing Counter-Strike, DotA2, or League of Legends, you are sure to have an exciting and distinctive experience. 


Their payment methods are hassle-free and the winning amount gets deposited into your account within 5-6 business days. Compared to other online casinos, ECLBET offers limited types of bonuses, but it still offers what an online casino should offer, such as welcome bonus. cash rebate and birthday bonus.

B9CASINO – Has protection program

B9Casino-Site Interface

B9Casino is committed to delivering the best gaming products. Amongst all their games, esports betting by TFGaming has gained special popularity and they ensure that they follow high standards for esports betting games too.


All the games that you generally find in esports online betting such as StarCraft, Overwatch, and many others, are available here but, what makes them more special is their protection program, which offers 3 protections to secure your online betting experience. 1st Deposit Cancellation Protection, Weekly Sports Bet Protection and Slots Withdrawal Protection are all covered by this protection program.

GOD55 – Watch live esports and bet on

GOD55-Site Interface

In this Singapore-based online casino, you shall find immensely popular esports betting games powered by TFGaming. What sets GOD55 apart from other online casinos is its Live TV section, where players can watch live esports matches. This feature allows players to never miss a game and can bet on their favourite esports games while watching them in real-time, creating a seamless and immersive betting experience. With its innovative features and reliable platform, GOD55 is the go-to choice for any esports fan looking to elevate their betting experience.

AW8 – Open its doors for players from different countries

AW8-Site Interface

In the year 2018, AW8 went live with its online casino games in Singapore. If you want a change from regular online casino games or sports betting. Try their esports betting such as Counter Strike, Fortnite, War Zone, and many others. You will never be disappointed. All their esports betting games are highly developed because it is supported by TFGaming provider. As with GOD55, players are allowed to watch live esports and bet on their favorite games at the same time without having to switch sites. Since the casino opens its doors to Asian players, users from different countries can also access the site. This is convenient for esports fans.

YES8 – Various payment methods

Yes8-Site Interface

Yes8 which is based in Singapore offers a diversified gaming experience to its members. They are also very renowned for bringing a safe environment for gaming as well. Of course, they also have esports betting games provided by TFGaming. Unfortunately, unlike other casinos, they do not offer any bonuses or promotions for esports games. This is a drawback for bonus enthusiasts. Nevertheless, players can have a good experience at Yes8 casino as the casino supports multiple languages, various customer support methods and numerous payment methods. Overall, if you are just looking for a casino where you can get a comprehensive experience to enjoy the e-sports games provided by TFGaming, you can consider Yes8.

PLAE8 – Multiple languages supported

PLAE8-Site Interface

PLAE8 is another very popular online casino in Singapore that offers an extensive list of high-quality online betting games and esports betting options. All their esports betting games are of high mental stimulation as they have been made by TFGaming, the best esports gaming provider in Asia. PLAE8 is also mainly targeting Asian players from different countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, etc., so a variety of languages and banking options are available here. Players can choose the language they understand at PLAE8 casino and place bets on gaming games without complicated steps.

Popular Esports Matches Covered by TFGaming

  • CS:GO: Counter Strike: Global Offensive happens to be the fourth game of this series and is immensely popular since its inception in 2021. This is a first-person shooter esports where across a limited map the anti-terrorists have to engage in a fierce battle with the terrorists to stop them from putting bombs.
  • Dota2: This is a very competitive online betting arena of esports. This game is available in almost every one-off event and professional competition. There are head-to-head individual matches in it and the popular bet type becomes the winner. Some of the top Dota2 betting sites also have promotions for customers and lucrative sign-up bonuses as well.
  • StarCraft: It is another very popular online betting game. The original game was released in 1998. This is a high-intensity action-packed game that tests our strategizing power to win over your opponent. Now there is also the second version of this game available called StarCraft II which too is sci-fi based and has gained immense popularity in the esports online betting arena.
  • Overwatch: This is a team-based online esports betting game where the shooter is the first person. This game has multiple modes and has been developed around team-based combat where each of the opposing teams has six members. 
  • PUBG: This esports betting game is very engaging and is found on almost every esports betting site. This game includes a jackpot where the players need to grow them by their loot.
  • LOL: League of Legends is another multi-player and immensely popular online esports which is covered by TFGaming. It has remained immensely popular for the past decade. In this esports, there are two teams of five members that battle against each other across the canyon with the intention of destroying each other.
  • Call Of Duty: This first-person shooter esports has also been hugely popular since 2006. It has millions of members now. In this esports players can win multiple welcome bonuses and enjoy various deposit options too.

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